We are registered in the FIFE ”Felis Hungarica” cat organization in the Hungary.We voluntarily abide by the Responsible Breeder Program Code of Ethics of FIFE.

Kitten Package

Kitten Package

Each kitten comes with a goodie bag filled with toys and food.  This helps a lot for the kitten transitioning to their new home. Also included is a folder that holds all the important papers which includes FIFE papers, pedigree , Vet Health Certificate, European Pet Passport and signed contract.


All breeding cats will be tested for,prior to breeding :

– Progressive Retinal Atrophy (rdAc PRA),
– Hypertrophic Cardio Myopathy: HCM1 and HCM3,
– Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD),
– Pyruvaatkinase Deficiency (PKDef),
– Spinal Muscular Atrophie (SMA),
– Bloodtyping AB (DNA test),
– Glycogentoxicosis GSD Type IV.